Angular App Development

Angular App Development
  • What is Angular?
  • Difference between framework & Library?
  • History of Angular and its versions.
  • Why Angular?
  • Features of Angular.
  • What is Single Page Application?
  • Difference between SPA & Traditional Application.
  • What is MVC?
  • How MVC works in Client & Server sides?
  • What is Angular CLI?
  • Purpose of the CLI.
  • Angular CLI installation.
  • Create a Basic Angular App by using CLI.
  • Executing the Angular Application in the browser.
  • How an Angular app Bootstrapping?
  • Brief explanation about the structure of the Angular App.
  • An Overview of the below Building blocks of Angular
  • – Modules
    – Components
    – Templates
    – Metadata
    – Data binding
    – Directives
    – Services
    – Dependency Injection.
  • What is Module & its importance?
  • What is Root Module and Child Module?
  • What is Component?
  • How to create a Component manually and through CLI?
  • What is Component decorator and its Meta data?
  • Component’s Structure overview.
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks.
  • Components Interactions overview.
  • How to pass Data from Parent to Child & Child to Parent?
  • What is Data Binding?
  • What is Two-way Data Binding?
  • String Interpolation.
  • Style Binding, Class Binding.
  • Overview of Event Binding.
  • Element reference and $event service in Angular.
  • Event Filtering
  • What is Directives?
  • What are the Different kind of Directives available in Angular?
  • Difference between Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • Overview of All Structural & Attribute Directives.
  • Difference between ngIf & hidden directives.
  • How to create Custom Attribute Directive?
  • How to create Custom Structural Directive?
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  • What is Pipe in Angular?
  • Purpose of the Pipes.
  • Difference between Pipes & Directives.
  • Detailed explanation of the below Pipes,
  • – Lowercase
    – Uppercase
    – Titlecase
    – Slice
    – Json
    – Number
    – Percent
    – Currency
    – Date
  • What is Pure Pipe & Impure Pipe?
  • How to create Custom Pipes?
  • What is Event Emitter?
  • When to use Event Emitter?
  • How to transfer data with Event Emitter?
  • How to create Custom Events and Trigger?
  • View Encapsulation Overview.
  • What is ng-content and its purpose?
  • ng-container Directive overview.
  • What is Template Driven Form?
  • Purpose of Form.
  • How to setup a form in Angular?
  • What is form control and how to set it?
  • What is ngForm?
  • How to Access form values?
  • What are the form states available in Angular?
  • Form Validations.
  • HTML5 Validation vs Angular form Validation.
  • How to set default values in form fields?
  • Setup One-way data binding in Angular.
  • What is Service in Angular?
  • Create & configure Service in Angular.
  • How to do Dependency Injection in Angular?
  • What is Singleton Object?
  • Multiple DI in single Class.
  • What is Routing?
  • How Routing makes our App into SPA?
  • How to configure Routing in an Application?
  • Load our components dynamically based on url path.
  • How to create Child Route?
  • Navigating to other links programmatically.
  • Passing Parameter to the Routes.
  • Static Route vs Dynamic Route.
  • Fetching Route Params.
  • How to establish HTTP request to Server side.
  • How HTTP Mechanism works?
  • What are the methods available in HTTP?
  • What is Observable & Observer?
  • What are the call back methods available in Observable?
  • How to create a Custom Observable?
  • What is next(), error() and complete() ?
  • Client side Authorization vs Server side Authorization.
  • How to create Guard in Angular?
  • Setup Route Guard.
  • Server side Authorization by using JWT Token.
  • HTTP interceptors.
  • Angular form setups for File Upload.
  • Server side setups for Angular.
  • Multer NPM in node.
  • How to use Multer NPM as middleware in Node?
  • Attach the Multer middleware in server-side routing.
  • Applying all the above in a real-time Shopping Cart Application.